Lake Indigo Carmine – Lake Indigo Carmine Manufacturer, Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Indigo Carmine Food colour is completely a mixture of disodium 3,3′ disodium 3,3′ dioxo – 2,2′ -bi-indolylidene-5,5′ – disulfonate, – dioxo-2,2′ – bi-indolyldene-5,7′ –disulfonate, subsidiary coloring matters along with sodium chloride/sodium sulfate as main uncolored component. The Indigo Carmine Color food color is insoluble in water. It is also known as Acid Blue 74.

Indigo Carmine Food Colour
Indigo Carmine Food Colour

Application of Indigo Carmine :

  • Drugs & Cosmetics
  • Soft Drinks and Concentrates
  • Ice Cream
  • All Edible Preparations
  • Squashes
  • Pharmaceuticals

Product Name

Indigo Carmine

Synonyms Acid Blue 74
Chemical Name Disodium 3,3′ Dioxo-2,21-BI-Indoylidene-5,5′ Disulphonate.
C.I.No 73015
C.I.Name Food Blue 1
FDA Status FD & C Blue # 2
CAS No. 860-22-0
EINECS No. 212-728-8
E.Number E-132

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